Case Studies

Preventing Law Suits and Improving Employee Relations

Client Situation: Turnover in this sales office was high. The HR hotline was ringing excessively. The potential for hostile work environment lawsuits was looming and the executive sales manager was the target. And, ironically, sales for this office consistently meeting or exceeding expectations. Was the sales manager's style and behavior effective or ineffective? Wilkerson Consulting was brought in to answer this very question.

Intervention: Through interviews with all employees and management, along with real time observations, we determined the management approach was ineffective with potential legal ramifications. The environment was caustic and sales results were accomplished via fear tactics and threats. While sales were meeting expectations, the reps were figuratively "battered and bruised" in the process. The manager's behavior was a catalyst for the constant turnover and escalating complaints. Following the assessment, we provided a development plan and extensive coaching for the executive sales manager, along with coaching and development of the entire sales management team. We monitored and audited the situation going forward.

Results: Sales rep satisfaction increased (slowly, but surely.) Sales performance was not compromised as sales did not decrease. Lawsuits did not materialize.

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“Our approach to internal communications, management meetings and team dynamics is greatly improved due to the methods you taught us.”

Todd Meyer, President
Cedar Rapids Brewing Company, Inc.