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Leadership and Management Coaching

People often arrive in management positions because they have demonstrated technical excellence and expertise - the top sales rep, the stellar engineer, the consummate accountant, the leading-edge IT guru. Many times they rise with great anticipation of success in their new roles only to find the skills that accelerated them in the past are not those required for leadership effectiveness.

Leadership and management coaching bridges the gap between current industry expertise and the frequently missing essential skills of success - Problem solving, decision making, effective communications and influencing. . . just to name a few.

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Management Development

Can your organization be successful for the long haul without a foundation of managerial best practices and legal compliance?

It's not easy in today's ever-changing environment of employee relations, confusing legal guidelines, and abounding law suits. All organizations want supervisors and managers who are committed to the company and able to inspire and motivate the people around them. How many organizations are willing to position their supervisors and to do just that?

WCG offers a management development series, as well as, consulting and coaching engagements, for small to large organizations. Topics include areas such as: The Role of the Supervisor/Manager, The Legal Side of Management, Performance Management, and more. These topics, customized for your organization, will leverage dramatic progress and provide solid results. Ultimately, this will position the effectiveness you want, need and expect in your supervisors and managers.

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Sales Development

Is your sales team hitting their potential? Are your sales managers effective in their roles? Is your business realizing the results you want and expect? We help organizations maximize their sales efforts.

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Customer Service

Great customer service is a rare quality in today's business environment. Clients and consumers often feel neglected and under-served by companies that fail to devote sufficient attention to this critical area.

We provide Service, Satisfaction and Loyalty expertise and processes for any organization with customers -- whether those customers are internal, external, or both. In every instance, the ideas, techniques and problem-solving skills employees and managers gain through this customized process improves both customer relations and employee satisfaction.

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“Our approach to internal communications, management meetings and team dynamics is greatly improved due to the methods you taught us.”

Todd Meyer, President
Cedar Rapids Brewing Company, Inc.