Workshops and Facilitation

The Legal Side of Management

One of the most confusing and potentially damaging business challenges is the legal side of management or, said another way. . . avoiding lawsuits.

Complying with employee relations regulations in force today is challenging for supervisors and managers at every level.   Read More

Management Development

There are a number of important topics that every competent manager must master. While I design management development workshops that best supports the unique needs and characteristics of each organization, here are some of the most requested topics for workshops:
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Communications Training and Coaching

A fundamental tool of success is skillful communications—it is often the most power element that separates mediocre from great organizations. It doesn't matter how much managers know if they are unable to transfer that knowledge to others, or unable to motivate, listen to, coach and inspire the members of their team.

Our approach to communications development will help supervisors and managers learn how to apply communications techniques to leverage high morale, creativity, commitment and most of all, to meet and exceed expected results.   Read More

Speaker/Presentation Training and Coaching

Ask any group of managers what they dread and the most frequent answer is public speaking and presenting. Even the most technically skilled and gifted managers can be uncomfortable and lack confidence at the thought of speaking to a group.

WCG provides speaker and presentation training to individuals and groups. We position the techniques and concepts that people need to be comfortable, confidant and competent in addressing an audience of any size. We arm them with the skills to make their presentations interesting, entertaining and informative for their audiences.   Read More


The progress and strategy of every business periodically rests on extraordinary meetings and initiatives. Strategic planning, business planning, organizational development, crisis management sessions and initiatives must function smoothly, adhere to carefully defined agendas and achieve clear outcomes. The guidance of an objective expert with excellent communications, interpersonal and organizational skills is essential to achieving these results. As a facilitator, WCG provides the necessary focus on processes and outcomes to achieve positive outcomes.    Read More

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